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Do you need healthy & fast hoof growth?

Hoofmaker Pellets are a combination of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins, which have a role in maintaining the integrity of hooves.
Easy to feed pellets - 50 grams per day
For cracked, brittle, dry or slow growing hooves
High concentration of Biotin & Methionine




Shane Rose talking about Hoofmaker

"I am currently using HOOFMAKER and am very impressed with the product. You can clearly notice a healthy growth line in the hoof as the new strong healthy hoof develops. I have used many other hoof products over the years and have found that the HOOFMAKER is by far the most effective and user friendly product on the market."
Endorsed by Janelle Pitts - 4 Star Event Rider and Member of the Eventing Shadow Team for Beijing Olympics 2008."



Molly Barry talking about GNF

"GNF keeps all my horses happy, they travel well and stay settled at events and in unfamiliar circumstances, they maintain a healthy appetite and their mood stays even and trainable"

- Molly Barry

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HOOFMAKER - 3KG For Healthy Hooves


HOOFMAKER 10KG For Healthy Hooves


2 Pack - Farrier's Formula Double Strength Nitrogen Pack 5Kg

20-00419 Kit
Price: $ 284.20

Farrier's Formula Double Strength Nitrogen Pack 5Kg


Plusvital Hoof Care 2.5L