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Linseed Oil with added pH balancer!

This product is unique! It contains Linseed Oil which includes the essental Omegas. But further to this it contains Calcium Hydroxide, which is alkaline and reduces the acid level in the stomach making your horse more comfortable.

We get superb result in coat condition and digestion with our customers using this product.

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Jared Wehlow's experience with Curragh Carron Oil

"The curragh carron oil would be one of the best if not the best product I've used. Amazing what it does to fillys that the tie up. Have not had one tie up since I started using it."
- Jared Wehlow


Molly Barry talking about Curragh Carron Oil

"I feed Muso Curragh Carron oil, which is what gives him his beautiful shine on his coat"

- Molly Barry

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Curragh Carron Oil 4.5Lt Linseed Feeding Oil


Curragh Carron Oil 20Lt Linseed Feeding Oil