• Black Jack and GNF
  • Hoofmaker Endorsement by Molly Barry
  • Letter Sets and Portable arenas
  • TRM Feed Supplements Imported from Ireland
  • PVC 3 rail Post and Rail arena
  • PVC 3 rail post and rail fencing

Quality Horse Fences & Supplies

...and MUCH MORE!  Amacron Technologies provides a comprehensive range of safer horse fencing solutions. We strive to provide the best solutions globally, to ensure the safety, comfort and well being of horses and to offer a caring, friendly and diligent customer service relationship.

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TRM Feed Supplement Specials

Amacron Technologies provides the best horse fence in Australia for your livestock. Buy quality built and safer fences for horses today.

Keep your beloved stallion, mare or colt safe with the best horse fence on the Australian market today. Amacron Technologies is dedicated to providing quality equine supples that are highly durable, will minimise injuries and, perhaps more important, create a highly secure enclosure to protect your livestock.

You will be hard pressed to find more superior yet surprisingly affordable horse supplies online than here at Amacron. We stock an incredibly diverse range of equine and agricultural products, including horse arenas, fencing tools,  post & rail fencing, fence energisers, electrical horse fencing and much more.


The safer & smarter online solution to your equine fencing & supplies needs

When looking for the best horse fences and supplies, Australia, New Zealand and even the world turns to Amacron. We provide a convenient online ordering system and reliable, quick delivery, to aid you in meeting all your equestrian product needs.

As our valued customer, you are so important to us that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products, meaning if you purchase something that you aren’t completely happy with, you’ll receive your full money back.

Why not browse through our great range of horse fence products today, or call one of our expert team members on 1800 102 233 for any further questions or to order over the phone.